Our thoughts on the environment

We developed the CLIPIKA ACE on the concept of restoring molds so that they look brand new, so its primary job is to clean dirty molds. But, this got us thinking that, if SOMAX can clean molds, why not also the global environment. We began seeing ourselves not only as a mold salvaging business but also an eco-friendly company. This train of thought spurred us to build an environment management system.

Environmental Image

Environmental Policy

SOMAX consciously contributes to the global community by balancing environmental protection with business activities, via our mold maintenance technologies. To these ends, we shall:

  1. 1. Conserve resources by reducing and recycling waste in all operations.
  2. 2. Research, develop and manufacture eco-friendly products of long lifecycles via streamlined production lines.
  3. 3. Set, achieve and continuously improve environmental targets.
  4. 4. Observe environmental laws, regulations and agreements in order to prevent pollution.
  5. 5. Make this policy known to all employees and outside the company.

Representative Director Kazumi Tomita

[Registered scope of activity]

Development, manufacture, and sales of mold maintenance equipment and mold cleaning solutions.

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7-17, Tamatsu 1-Chome, Higashinari-Ku, Osaka

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International System Audit Co.,Ltd.

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23 April, 2004