By the time the 21st century came rolling in, Japanese manufacturing and especially Japanese plastic products were already being marketed and sold around the world. What makes Japanese plastics so desirable is an innate pursuit of “perfection,” top-notch quality” and “precision” that aims at nothing short of flawless pearl-like molding. Over the years, Japanese manufacturing has cornered the market in high performance, multi-functionality and ultra-high precision, and, going forward, is predicted to grow further and lead the world.

Molds are the core of the molding industry and those made in Japan boast the top share in world markets owing to their high level of performance.

SOMAX continues to evolve alongside manufacturing trends by developing, building and marketing a plethora of mold maintenance equipment and supplies. We are enhancing our presence and value in the business world by “going beyond conventional thinking to propose highly original, innovative technologies and by contributing to society through the corporate customers we serve.”

I ask for your continued support and patronage.

Kazumi Tomita, President (Representative Director)

Kazumi Tomita, President (Representative Director)