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Questions frequently asked about the CLIPIKA ACE

What cleaning processes does the CLIPIKA ACE perform?
Cleaning by the CLIPIKA ACE -> water washing -> immersion in COAT E (rust prevention)
Which materials can be cleaned?
Steel. Some materials including copper, brass and aluminum cannot be cleaned.
What differences are there between the CLIPIKA ACE and CLIPIKA ACE OPT?
The CLIPIKA ACE is a cleaning machine for typical steel molds, while the CLIPIKA ACE OPT is for cleaning optical component molds only. We optimally composed the cleaning solution, electrolytic cleaning materials and ultrasonic wave radiation methods.
What are the major consumable items?
Cleaning solution, rust inhibitor and cartridge filter for short-term running, and electrode, pump, etc. for long-term running
Is CE marking available?
We have already self-declared the conformity of some models to CE markings.
When is the standard time to replace the cleaning solution?
Standard replacement timing varies depending on the cleaning frequency and dirt, but the timing can be controlled using the attached pH test paper or cleaning can simply be done after 100 hours of total running time. You can also determine the timing by checking solution foaming on surfaces during cleaning.
Can mirror-finished surfaces and crape surfaces be cleaned?
Mirror-finished surface and crape surfaces can be reliably cleaned without damage.

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