Questions frequently asked about the MOLHEI

What is the difference from argon welding?
No whiskers or strain develop since the MOLHEI can perform welding with minimal heat compared with argon welding. Build-up is easy since the electrode can contact the material, and protection is not required since no ultraviolet rays are emitted. In addition, the MOLHEI requires no preheating or after-heating, and in some cases, build-up over surface treatment is possible.
What is the difference from spot built-up welding?
Spot welding connects points to points. The MOLHEI, however, creates rod-like build-up, leaving no holes or gaps. In addition, the build-up speed and durability of the MOLHEI are outstanding.
Which mold materials can the MOLHEI create build-up welds on?
Steel only
What is the maximum hardness?
Up to HRC50 in metal cream surface hardness is possible.
Can the machine be used for shim welding?
Approx. 0.3 mm shims can be pasted by selecting the spot function.
What is the welding method?
Since all that is required is to apply the metal cream to the part to weld, contact it with the electrode and activate the power, anyone can easily carry out build-up welding.

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