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Questions frequently asked about the WATER REAMER

What are the features of the WATER REAMER?
Only 1 cleaning solution is used and an antirust film is formed after cleaning.
Do the O-rings have any problem?
Many O-ring materials used for molds are acid resistant, but check them to make sure.
When is the standard timing of solution replacement?
The timing greatly varies depending on cooling water tube soiling. The timing is controlled using the attached gravimeter, but replace the cleaning solution with new solution if clouding has started or white precipitates have developed within the tubing.
What is the difference between the WR-11-ADIII and WR-11-EDIII?
The WR-11-ADIII is an automatic machine that starts cleaning solution circulation and air blowing, and then ends air blowing according to timer settings. The WR-11-EDIII requires manual operation to start cleaning solution circulation and air blowing, and then to end air blowing.

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