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What does SOMAX keep in mind?

What does SOMAX keep in mind?

Research, development and manufacture of cleaning machines and cleaning solutions in-house

Some companies sell cleaning machines and cleaning solutions. But, is there any company that develops and manufactures cleaning machines, and in addition, researches, develops and produces cleaning solutions together in-house as we do. Most cleaning machine manufacturers outsource that work, to cut costs. SOMAX, however, makes the extra effort to carry out research, development and manufacture ourselves. This is because we believe that really better products can be supplied by integrating sales and cleaning solution research, development and production, and that the policy can really lead customers’ satisfaction.

Research, development and manufacture of cleaning machines and cleaning solutions in-house Image

Uncompromising, advanced research and development facilities

Brightness, repeatability and other optical device accuracy criteria are becoming stricter every year. To satisfy customers who overlook nano and micron scale dirt adhesion, SOMAX also focuses on research and development facilities. We believe that confirming not only the complete removal of microscopic dirt but also no nano or micron scale damage from the customer’s valuable molds to be the most effective approach for customers to use SOMAX's products reliably.

Optical microscope 20 to 5,000-powerLaser microscope 200 to 18,000-powerComponent analyzer, Electronic microscope

■ Component analyzerDirt identification

Component analyzer Image

The highest hurdle to overcome to enter the optical field is the analysis of the dirt components on cleaned works. Observation alone cannot identify the dirt as a blur caused by water washing, carbonized resin, dust in the air or corrosion due to corrosive gases. That is where our component analyzer comes in. It plays an important role in finding out the causes of dirt. Its visually clear interface analyzes sample components as shown above.

■ Electronic microscopeHigher accuracy

Electronic microscope Image

To accurately observe the samples, SOMAX uses an electron microscope. Positions are accurately detected through sample coordinate control. Samples can be objectively observed before and after cleaning. Generally, the higher the magnification is, the harder detection becomes. Coordinate control, however, enables accurate searching. In addition, we use an electron microscope that minimizes damage caused by electronic beams, although such damage is inevitable when an electron microscope is used. As a result, resin and other samples that are easily damaged can be observed as they are.

■ Laser microscopeHigh resolution of minute forms

Laser microscope Image

Many optical component molds targeted by the CLIPIKA ACE OPT are provided with micron or higher level precision patterns and require extremely high inspection accuracy to detect foreign matter residues, damage on metal surfaces and so forth. Conventional analyzers cannot discriminate minute deformations on the metal surface between residual foreign matter or pitting caused by damage. To accurately check minute deformations on the metal surface, therefore, we introduced the latest model of laser microscope that enables ultra-high-resolution observation in nanometers by using a violet semiconductor laser light source.

■ Optical microscopeHighly versatile

Optical microscope Image

The highly accurate image capturing optical microscope can capture full-color images of samples and correct focus differences caused by depth variation. The microscope can be used in various situations, e.g., demonstrations in some cases, and is helpful towards verifying cleaning results and tracing the causes of trouble.

■ Table KOACH

Table KOACH Image

We introduced the Table KOACH for creating local clean room environments. It is suitable for optical component molds that must shut out dust and dirt, and enables cleaning tests in a clean environment.

■ Thermo-hygrostat

Thermo-hygrostat Image

Equipment used for cleaning solution stability and material stability tests

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