What SOMAX Can Do

SOMAX Co., Ltd. accumulates its original know-how and combines new technologies to research,
develop and sell mold maintenance equipment that meets customers’ requirements.
SOMAX sticks to in-house research and development and manufacturing because the integration of all of the research,development,
manufacturing and sales of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions is essential to receiving feedback from customers quickly
and using it for the development of better products.

Special Contents

Examples of solutions to problems

“Ask SOMAX Co., Ltd. anything about the maintenance of molds.”
SOMAX conducts a wide range of research and has its own unique development and manufacturing abilities.
We do not only sell products but also provide the most appropriate solutions to your problems and concerns.

There are many different kinds of problems

There are various types of problems with molds and each mold has different problems.
The solutions are also different depending on the size and precision of the mold, the products to be manufactured, the type of stains, etc.
SOMAX Co., Ltd. has a wide range of know-how, expertise and technologies for the maintenance of molds.
We interview customers to understand their problems and concerns properly and provide the best solution suitable for each customer.
The typical solutions along with the effects of introducing SOMAX products are introduced here.

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