What SOMAX Can Do

SOMAX Co., Ltd. has been rewriting mold maintenance history for over 30 years.

We consistently research, develop, manufacture, sell, and
prepare sales promotion materials for mold maintenance products in-house.

We evolve mold maintenance products with our original technology
to contribute to streamlining and solving mold cleaning problems.

Special Contents

Examples of solutions to problems

We solve mold maintenance problems with our proud cleaning power.

With over 30 years of experience and development, we have solved various problems
such as removing stubborn stains on molds surfaces without damages.

The deciding factor is the cleaning solution
to remove resin adhesives, mold release agent and
gas burn marks with the surfaces of the molds.

We interview customers to understand their problems and concerns properly and provide the best solution suitable for each customer.

SOMAX Co., Ltd. has a wide range of know-how, expertise and technologies for the maintenance of molds.

The typical solutions along with the effects of introducing SOMAX products are introduced here.

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