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Beware of counterfeit and imitation products


Since our foundation, we, SOMAX Co., Ltd. have been working on the manufacturing of products, and are committed to doing research, development, and manufacturing on our own as our policy.
In recent years, products have come out from companies that falsely claim a business alliance with us; they might claim that we contract manufacturing out to them or that they manufacture products at one of our plants or at a subcontractor's site. Such claims are entirely false and untrue. We do not contract out the manufacturing of our products to anyone.

The products sold by such companies have nothing to do with our company, and we have received reports of damage such as the release of toxic gases and damage to molds when such products were used.

Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any failure or damage caused through the use of fake products or other such products.

If you are contacted by a company that claims it has a relationship with our company, please notify our Sales Department or Intellectual Property Department. We request your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

SOMAX Co., Ltd.
Sales Department/Intellectual Property Department

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