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Online demonstration

Online Demonstration

If you want to ask for a field demonstration to try out our products but have difficulty inviting us to your site now, we have a solution.

The online demonstration is a free service to introduce our products and explain how to operate them via the internet for customers that find it difficult to organize a face-to-face demonstration.

Our staff covering your area will demonstrate the operation of the products of your choice.

The demonstration can be organized easily and all you need is a PC or tablet connected to the internet and a microphone. It is highly recommended as a solution to your problems concerning the maintenance of molds.

Online demonstration

If you do not have an online meeting tool, our staff covering your area will send you an invitation mail. It is very easy to use.

(What you have to prepare)
A PC or tablet that can be connected to the internet speakers or earphones

FreeRequest documents / Request for a demonstration

FreeRequest documents
Request for a demonstration

We support you with a demo machine
for free anywhere in Japan.
Online demonstration are also available for free!