Mold Cleaning Machine for Optical Components


  • Lens
  • Light guide plates
  • Nickel plating
  • Mirror surfaces

The CLIPIKA ACE OPT is a cleaning machine specifically for molds for such components as lenses and light guide plates.
It thoroughly cleans molds that are too delicate to touch by hand and causes no damage.

  • Saving time and labor

    Multiple pieces can
    be cleaned at the
    same time

  • Safety and security

    No organic solvent
    is used

  • Powerful cleaning

    Stubborn stains can
    be also removed

  • No damage

    Delicate molds
    can be cleaned

Recovery of the transmissibility and brightness


Molds for optical components are so vulnerable that the cleaning of them by hand is extremely difficult and also involves differences in performance between individuals.

As with the CLIPIKA ACE, the CLIPIKA ACE OPT can be operated by anyone easily and can clean even delicate nickel-plated molds without causing any damage.

Of course, it uses no organic solvents and is therefore safe for human health.

Introduction of CLIPIKA ACE OPT

The CLIPIKA ACE OPT can clean the delicate molds without damaging them.

Risks of organic solvents

Organic solvents in mold cleaning sprays are harmful to the health.


Cleaning Example

Differences between the CLIPIKA ACE OPT and ultrasonic cleaning


Unlike cleaning machines using ultrasonic waves only, the CLIPIKA ACE OPT can return molds to the same steel color as new with the synergy of electrolysis, ultrasonic waves and cleaning solutions specified for the machine.

Comparison of damage to molds by cleaning nickel electroformed stampers


When cleaning precision molds for lenses or lightguide plates, it is important not only to remove stains but also not to damage the molds.
When a mold with precision patterns or a super mirror finish mold is cleaned with ultrasonic waves only, the ultrasonic shock may cause damage to the mold surface.
The CLIPIKA ACE OPT completely removes stains without causing damage to molds.

Examples of cleaning

Cleaning Example

Delicate molds for optical components can be cleaned completely.
It can extend the life of nickel-plated molds.​

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Catalog Download

You can download our catalog that you may get to know about the points of mold maintenance and our products.*Some email addresses are required to be registered.

Product Q&A

Product Q & A

Can it clean plating?

It can clean chrome plating, nickel plating, titanium coating, etc. For other types of plating, please contact us.

Can it clean molds without disassembling them?

It is necessary to disassemble molds by parts.

What is the difference between the CLIPIKA ACE and the CLIPIKA ACE OPT?

While the CLIPIKA ACE cleans ordinary iron and steel molds, the CLIPIKA ACE OPT is designed to specifically clean delicate molds for lenses, chemical solutions and other optical components. The latter is also applicable to common nickel-plated molds. The CLIPIKA ACE OPT is creative in its cleaning solution with optimum composition, electrode materials, and the ultrasonic exposure method.

Is it sold outside Japan?

There are representatives in the United States, Mexico, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries. In some countries, field demonstrations are available. Please contact us.



We offer CLIPIKA ACE OPT products for different sizes of molds and different purposes. We also accept orders for customized products to meet customers’ requirements.


■The machine causes no damage to molds.

■It can also clean the surface of super mirror finish molds and delicate nickel-plated molds.

■The heaters in the machine enhance the cleaning power.

■Molds recover brightness and transparency.

■It uses no organic solvents and therefore causes no harm to human health or the environment.

Products customized to meet customers’ requirements are available

SOMAX Co., Ltd. accepts orders for products with customized specifications. Feel free to contact us.


Catalog Download

You can download our catalog that you may get to know about the points of mold maintenance and our products.*Some email addresses are required to be registered.

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