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Company Outline

We will continuously change the received wisdom of the industry worldwide with our innovative technology.

Image of President (Representative Director)  Kazumi Tomita
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Japanese manufacturing industry that sells globally, especially the plastic products market, should specialize in high performance, multifunctionality, and ultra-high precision to continuously grow and lead the world in the future.

In manufacturing in Japan, we think it most important to continuously pursue perfection, top-notch quality, and precision to aim at nothing short of flawless, pearl-like molding. Molds that are the source of molding are the core of manufacturing, and Japanese molds are the highest level in the world.

SOMAX Co., Ltd. has continued to evolve alongside manufacturing trends by developing, manufacturing, and marketing a plethora of mold maintenance equipment and supplies.

Also in the future, we will enhance our presence and value with manufacturing companies, especially those of molds, as well as in society by practicing our fundamental principle of “putting all our efforts to go beyond conventional thinking about the origin of manufacturing to propose highly original, innovative technologies to industry and contribute to society through our customers.”
Your continuous support and patronage is appreciated.

President (Representative Director)

Kazumi Tomita


SOMAX Co., Ltd. is committed to R&D and manufacturing on its own, and it develops products that meet customers’ needs by combining the accumulation of our unique know-how with new technology to develop better products.

Commitment to the environment

Coexistence with the environment and acquisition of ISO14001 accreditation

“Restoring the same level of brightness as a new mold without damaging the mold” is the basic concept of CLIPIKA ACE. SOMAX Co., Ltd. contributes to global environmental conservation by conducting lean perfect mold cleaning using rational methods to extend the life of molds and eliminate molding defects.

Company Outline

Company Name SOMAX Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address 1-7-17, Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka 537-0023
TEL +81-6-6976-1108
FAX +81-6-6977-5702
Foundation June 26, 1991
Capital ¥50,000,000
President (Representative Director) Kazumi Tomita
Type of Business Manufacturing and selling paste welding machines, electrolytic and ultrasonic mold cleaning machines, special cleaning solutions and water-based anti-rust agents
Corresponding Banks Resona Bank, Limited., Tamatsukuri Branch;
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Senba Branch


Jun. 1991 We built the “MOLPET” the world’s first paste welding machine that does not emit UV light.
SOMAX CO., LTD. was established at the same time that the MOLPET was launched for use in mold repairs.
The MOLPET resonated with manufacturers of plastic injection molds as a welding machine capable of repairing microscopic damage with the first paste welding material in the world.
Oct. 1997 Completed construction on new offices at Oimazato, Higashinari-ku, Osaka, to respond to increasing sales items and larger products
Oct. 1998 Completed construction on a sales headquarters building to expand business
Oct. 1999 Increased capital to ¥20,000,000
Oct. 2000 Increased capital to ¥30,000,000
May 2003 Completed construction of Technical Domain at Higashinari-ku, Osaka
Apr. 2004 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation
Apr. 2005 SOMAX CO., LTD. merged with TEIKOKU MICRO CO.
Increased capital to ¥50,000,000
Jan. 2006 Relocated the head office to 1-7-17 Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
Jan. 2006 Newly established the Takaida Factory at 15-5 Takaida, Higashi-Osaka
Jul. 2015 Completed construction on the head office west wing
Jul. 2022 Started the work of the new TAKAIDA Factory construction
(Estimated Completion: May 2023)
Oct. 2022 Received "Excellent Company of OSAKA", "Intellectual Property Award" and "Special Jury Award" in "Excellent Company of OSAKA 2022" program, certificated by Osaka Prefectural Government.
Jan. 2023 Relocated the Takaida Factory at 5-2-5, Takaida Hondori, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka


Sales Dept., Head Office and Head Office West Wing

• Approx. 7-minute walk from JR Tamatsukuri Station on the Osaka Loop Line
[Osaka Metro]
• Approx. 7-minute walk from Exit 1 of Imazato Station on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line and Imazatosuji Line
• Approx. 10-minute walk from Tamatsukuri Station on the Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line
• Take Nagahori-dori to the east approximately 1 km from Tamatsukuri Station. Turn right at the “Tamatsu 1” intersection, then turn left at the second traffic light and drive straight.
Location 1-7-17, Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka 537-0023
TEL +81-6-6976-1108
FAX +81-6-6977-5702

Takaida Factory

•10-minute walk from Takaida Chuo Station on the JR Osaka Higashi Line
[Osaka Metro]
• 10-minute walk from Takaida Station on the Osaka Metro Chuo Line
Location 5-2-5, Takaida Hondori, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 577-0066
TEL +81-6-6781-7407
FAX +81-6-6618-7408