• What SOMAX Can Do


What SOMAX Can Do

Molds are the core of manufacturing that supports all areas of industries.
We at SOMAX Co., Ltd. a general manufacturer of mold maintenance equipment, can do all of the research, development,
manufacturing and marketing of mold maintenance equipment such as mold cleaning machines, mold temperature control pipe cleaning machines
and mold repair welding machines, as well as providing specified cleaning solutions.

We provide a one-stop solution for any mold maintenance challenges at worksites with our products.

The Advantages of
SOMAX Co., Ltd.

  1. 01

    30 years of research on mold maintenance

  2. 02

    A market share of 32% and cumulative sales of over

  3. 03

    In-house research, development, manufacturing and marketing

Our core products
support manufacturing

Supports manufacturing
  • Mold Cleaning Machine


  • Mold Cleaning Machine for Optical Components


  • Mold Temperature Control Pipe Cleaning Machine


  • Metal Mold Repair Welding Machine


We solve a variety of challenges for manufacturing companies!

Action & Problem Solving
  • For resin injection molding companies


    Plasticizers that contain molding gas, a corrosive substance, rusts molds.
    If left untreated, it causes further rusting which decreases the life of the molds.


    Removing completely the dirt penetrated into molds with the mold cleaning machine the CLIPIKA ACE
    (ultrasonic waves + electrolysis + a cleaning solution with an optimal composition)
    not only returns molds to nearly new, but also prevents molds from corroding.

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  • For rubber molding companies


    The cleaning of vulcanizing gas, which may cause rubber scraps or corrosion, is essential for rubber molds.
    However, just using an alkali cleaning agent and brushing at high temperature are insufficient for cleaning grooves and holes.
    In addition, the fumes from alkali cleaning agents are harmful.


    The mold cleaning machine CLIPIKA ACE cleans grooves and holes completely without generating toxic fumes.
    It also does not damage plating layers.

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  • For die-casting companies


    The cooling efficiency of molds is decreased, and there are increasing mold problems including burning and defective casting such as cavities, broken pins and cracks.


    The mold temperature control pipe cleaning machine the SUKATTOSU removes completely rust and scale in temperature control pipes of large-sized molds in its large volume tank of 60 liters and so improves their cooling efficiency.
    In addition to rust removal, it forms rust preventive films; therefore, it is ideal for preventive maintenance.

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  • For metal stamping companies


    The movement of molds is worsened due to oil burn and rust, and molds are rapidly worn out.
    There are many parts, so it takes time to remove rust.


    Cleaning many parts collectively at once with the mold cleaning machine
    the CLIPIKA ACE can significantly decrease maintenance time.
    In addition, the life of molds is extended because burn and rust are removed without scraping.

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