• Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Basic Policy

    Regarding the handling of personal information (meaning information which can identify a specific person; the same shall apply hereinafter), SOMAX CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will comply with laws on the protection of personal information and also various regulations on the protection of personal information, and the Company will make efforts for proper handling and safety management of personal information by establishing the policy for protection of personal information mentioned below and by creating proper rules and systems based on this policy.

  2. 2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    1. 1) The Company will collect personal information in an appropriate manner while clearly defining the purpose of use of personal information within the scope of business performed by the Company.
    2. 2) The Company will use personal information to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use. The Company will never use personal information for any purpose other than the defined purpose of use, without consent from the said person.
  3. 3. Disclosure, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

    In the event that the Company receives a request for disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information from the said person or his/her representative specified in the regulations, the Company will deal with such request promptly within reasonable range pursuant to the spirit of the regulations, after appropriate identification of the said person.

  4. 4. Management of Personal Information

    1. 1) The Company will manage personal information strictly in order to prevent unauthorized use of personal information inside the Company, by assigning a responsible person for managing personal information. The Company will also take appropriate and reasonable safety measures on both technical and organizational levels, against unauthorized access from the outside or against risks of loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information.
    2. 2) The Company will make efforts to keep personal information possessed by the Company accurate and updated as far as possible.
    3. 3) The Company will cause all persons engaged in business operations at the Company to realize the importance of protecting personal information, and in order to promote the steady implementation of such commitment, the Company will continuously and regularly provide those persons with education and training for protecting personal information.
    4. 4) The Company may use personal information jointly with third parties or may outsource the business operation of information processing including personal information to outside firms. With regard to outsourcing contractors in this case, the Company will select those contractors who have reached a satisfactory level for protecting personal information. The Company will decide upon matters necessary for protecting personal information under an agreement with such outsourcing contractors, and will also cause them to implement appropriate management for personal information.
    5. 5) The Company will never disclose or provide personal information to third parties other than joint users or outsourcing contractors set forth in the preceding paragraph 4.4., without consent from the said person. However, the Company may disclose or provide personal information to third parties by legitimate and fair means, with or without consent from the said person, in the event that disclosure is made by the method which cannot identify a specific person, that the Company is required to disclose personal information by the regulations, or that the Company is required to disclose it by public authorities such as courts and law enforcement.
  5. 5.Review of This Policy for Protection of Personal Information

    The Company will review this policy from time to time and improve it if necessary.If there is any change in this policy, the Company will announce such change in a reasonable manner.