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“Vs. Content” shows videos of various trials and demonstration tests to introduce the strengths and advantages of the CLIPIKA ACE.

Can stains on molds really be removed without rubbing or polishing?
Do not miss the competitions that also consider the reduction of time and the cost performance in the videos.

Is the cleaning power of the CLIPIKA ACE real?

Vs. permanent markersWhile permanent markers are known for being difficult to remove their stains, how much can the CLIPIKA ACE remove them?

* CLIPIKA ACE is the mold cleaning machine.
* Oil-based pens are used as samples for stains that are difficult to remove with the ultrasonic mold cleaning machine.

Can stubborn stains on molds be removed without rubbing?

Vs. stubborn stains on moldsMolds that have been used over a long time have many greasy stains and gas burn marks. How much can the CLIPIKA ACE remove the stains?

Clean molds quickly and at a low cost

For a changeVs. hand polishingBattle with long-developed skills and know-how. Can the CLIPIKA ACE win?

Does the use of a large amount of mold cleaning spray cause problems?

Vs. mold cleaning sprayMold cleaning spray is used widely and commonly.It is convenient and easy to use, but there is a hidden big problem.

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