Mold Cleaning Machine CLIPIKA ACE

SOMAX was the first in the world to attempt precision mold cleaning using ultrasonic waves, electrolysis and alkaline cleaning solution.
The synergetic effect of electrolysis, ultrasonic wave and specified cleaning solution recovers the same level of brightness as new molds without damaging them.

Cleaning power of CLIPIKA ACEFurther Information on Cleaning Power

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CLIPIKA ACE III series (color touch panel type)


CLIPIKA ACE III series (color touch panel type) CPIII-30-P11

CLIPIKA ACE III series (color touch panel type) CPIII-66-P15

Type 30 ℓ type 66 ℓ type
Features Easy-to-operate standard type with space-saving and energy-saving mode. High efficiency type with a large cleaning tank for batch cleaning of a large number of molds. Comes with an energy-saving mode and a dewatering mechanism.
Mold dimensions 200(W)×400(D)×70(H)㎜ 270(W)×420(D)×100(H)㎜
External dimensions 700(W)×630(D)×970(H)㎜  
Model CPⅢ-30-P11 CPⅢ-66-P15
Max. power consumption 1400W 1700W
Body weight 88kg 118kg

Series with built-in heaters CPIII-115-H25

CLIPIKA ACE III series (color touch panel type) CPIII-250-P36

Type 115 ℓ type 250 ℓ type
Features Large type for large mold cleaning. Comes with an energy-saving mode. Ultra large type for cleaning the larger molds than those cleaned by the 115 ℓ type. Comes with an energy-saving mode.
Mold dimensions 500(W)×500(D)×120(H)㎜ 600(W)×600(D)×160(H)㎜
External dimensions 1016(W)×756(D)×859(H)㎜ 1150(W)×870(D)×1050(H)㎜
Model CPⅢ-115-P25 CPⅢ-250-P36
Max. power consumption 2800W 3700W
Body weight 190kg 235kg

* Figures in parentheses show the dimensions with the plus electrode extended.

Series with built-in heaters


Series with built-in heaters CPIII-66-H15

CLIPIKA ACE III series (color touch panel type) CPIII-115-P25

Series with built-in heaters CPIII-250-H36

Type 66 ℓ type 115 ℓ type 250 ℓ type
Features Safety-oriented high-performance type equipped with a built-in heater to enhance convenience and cleaning power. Comes with an energy-saving mode.
Mold dimensions 270(W)×420(D)×100(H)㎜ 500(W)×500(D)×120(H)㎜ 600(W)×600(D)×160(H)㎜
External dimensions 800(W)×700(D)×1062(H)㎜ 1016(W)×786(D)×859(H)㎜ 1150(W)×900(D)×1050(H)㎜
Model CPⅢ-66-H15 CPⅢ-115-H25 CPⅢ-250-H36
Max. power consumption 2800W 5000W 5900W
Body weight 120kg 195kg 245kg

Other series


Other series CPE-30-P

Other series CPII-2444-CE

Type 30 ℓ type Type with CE marking
Features Economy type equipped with carefully selected minimum required functions Global standard type that cleared strict safety standards for the use within the EU area
Mold dimensions 200(W)×400(D)×70(H)㎜ 240(W)×440(D)×100(H)㎜
External dimensions 595(W)×585(D)×820(H)㎜ 929(W)×756(D)×1064(H)㎜
Model CPE-30-P CPⅡ-2444-CE
Max. power consumption 1100W 1300W
Body weight 65kg 148kg

Fully automatic cleaning machine


Fully automatic type

Type Fully automatic type (CP-A3545)
Features Automatically performs the water washing, dewatering and rust preventing processes.

Made-to-order types

In addition to the above series, we can manufacture and deliver products that meet individual customer requests. Please feel free to contact SOMAX.


Made-to-order types Large mold cleaning type

Made-to-order types Pre-cleaning type (CLIPIKA ACE BC)

Type Large mold cleaning type Pre-cleaning type (CLIPIKA ACE BC)
Features We can manufacture large and heavy mold cleaning machines at the request of customers. Tough resin, rubber and other dirt are completely removed before cleaning with the CLIPIKA ACE.

Video of cleaning with the CLIPIKA ACE

Further Infomation on Cleaning Power

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