Metal Mold Repair Welding Machine MOLHE

In industries where elaborate and delicate precision molds are handled, it has been said that electro-resistance build-up welds cannot withstand molding pressures. We, however, boldly defied common knowledge and developed the industry-first MOLHEI, an electro-resistance welding machine that uses a paste type welding material that is melted with little heat and fused to the base material.


Metal Mold Repair Welding Machine MOLHE

Model MH-V
External dimensions 360(W)×390(D)×490(H)㎜
Power consumption 1500W
Body weight 28kg


  • There is no need for a face guard when using the MOLHEI, since UV rays are not generated.
  • The MOLHEI works well while continuously electrified in contrast to other welders that work on spot discharged electricity after accumulation in a condenser. Therefore, you can continually weld using the MOLHEI with flexibility ranging from rod-like depositing to fine linear welds.
  • Unlike with commercial argon arch welders, the MOLHEI does not cause sinking or drastic deformation of the mold if the electrode happens to touch it.
  • The MOLHEI proudly has welding rods of excellent fusion capability and achieves welding speeds with which other welding materials such as powders and steel sheet cannot compete.
  • Since the amount of deposit can be freely controlled, you can repair multiple locations by quickly depositing welds from one point to another.
  • Forced cooling of the holder is generally carried out with an air compressor. But, if you use argon gas instead of air, you will obtain even better quality and weld strength since argon protects against oxidation by effectively shielding the repaired place.
  • As the first welding paste in the world developed for continuous electrifying welding, our welding material has made it possible to continually weld defects ranging from microscopic points to fine and/or thick lines.
  • The greatest advantage of the MOLHEI as an electro-resistance heat welding machine is that you can deposit and weld by moving the electrode while touching the place to repair (matrix).

Video of the features of the MOLHEI


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