#01 Welcome to SOMAX Co., Ltd.,!

manga welcome to somax co. ltd.,Welcome to SOMAX Co., Ltd., the company of mold maintenance products maker!
"Dr. SOMAX" and his rookie assistant "Pikari-chan" of SOMAX Co., Ltd. will show you how they struggle day and night with their mission to protect molds, the mother tool of the manufacturing industry, with innovative products of mold maintenance.

What is SOMAX Co., Ltd.,?

An Osaka-based company that researches, develops, manufactures, and sells mold maintenance equipments, including mold cleaning machines, mold temperature control pipe cleansing machines, and mole repair welding machines.


Dr. SOMAX knows a lot about things. He is running around Japan to promote our products to the world. He is often pushed around by his rookie assistant, Pikari-chan.


Dr. SOMAX's rookie assistant. She likes shiny things. She was so impressed by the cleanliness of the molds at the demonstration of SOMAX Co., Ltd., at a certain exhibition that she decided to join the company. 

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